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Elektrokonfor was established in 2018 as the vendor company of the manufacturer Pino Pano. It continues its activities in the fields of Fan Heaters and Air Purifiers, with the aim of becoming a global player in this fields it works in, which will turn into a passion for its employees, business partners, and even competitors as well as its customers, embodying the best-in-class lifestyle brands.


The product range, which is under the titles Elektrokonfor, whose product range is increasing day by day, Heatbox in the Heaters Category, and Airbo2x in the Air Purifiers Category, is based on customer satisfaction with up-to-date designs, quality products, and prices.


Elektrokonfor has been meeting customer demands with its product quality and variety since its establishment. It has adopted effective innovative customer satisfaction as a principle both with its products and company relations. Company employees and managers continue to work by adhering to this principle.

Customer happiness


With the awareness that satisfying our customers is our primary duty, we take care to understand their expectations correctly. We adopt this behavior as a fundamental value to create a positive environment in which our customers, to whom we offer the best products and services, will also feel valued and want to establish a long-term relationship with us.



Our vision

To be the leader of the e-commerce sector in Turkey and the region, with the desire to become a reputable brand, pioneering to change new generation electric heating systems and economical product R&D.



Our Mission

Happy Customer, Happy Supplier, Happy Employee



Best regards,

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