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ÜFFF Radiator Fan 160 cm

ÜFFF Radiator Fan 160 cm

SKU: 8683543346419

A solution to the loss of time and efficiency of the central heating system!

The heating system of the heater cores is in the form of forced heating method, the heated air passing through it rises upwards and starts to accumulate on the ceiling, and it condenses with the accumulation of hot air on the ceiling and heats the environment with the repetitive result of its descent. It takes a long time for the heat to condense on the ceiling and go down by going up.

With the UFFF Radiator Fan application, hot air blows hot air to the environment at human level without wasting time, providing high efficiency and heating in a short time thanks to the instant heat being felt and spreading at the bottom.

Product Features

Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power: 18 W

Sound Level: 48,5 Db

Cable Length: 3,5 mt

IP- Protection Type: IP20

0-40 C Radiator heat thermostat

Advantages of the product

100% domestic production R&D, Design, Patent PINOPANO,

High-strength protection with a long-lasting metal body,

Highly efficient heat energy thanks to the special fan,

Integrated thermostat for regular hot air flow,

Thermostat protection in cold air blowing,

Product suitable for all sizes of the radiators (heater cores)

Secure standing, solid 4-point fixation and quiet,

Easily portable and easy installation,

PVC color and pattern options with heat resistant adhesive for decorative purposes,

The ability to protect the curtains from contamination and to put objects on them

Usage Of The Product

Take the device out of the box carefully,

Make sure that the exit shutters of the device are not blocked,

Mount your UFFF Radiator Fan on your heater core by placing the extensions on the edges surrounding the radiator,

After installing the product on the caliper core, when you turn on the switch, the fan

Thanks to its thermostat, your core temperature is automatically activated above 30°C and automatically stops when the core temperature falls below 30°C.

Do not operate the device without reading the User Manual.

Although the heater core is very hot, the ambient heat begins to be felt after a long time.