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Airbo2x BVP60 Smoked Air Purifier

Airbo2x BVP60 Smoked Air Purifier

SKU: 8683543346273

It cleans the environment with UV-C lamps, Carbon Filter and Hepa Filter system in bacteria, viruses and particles in public living areas.

Multi-purpose Local portable air cleaner designed to clean the ambient air 4 times in 1 hour with its powerful and silent suction fan. It has the capacity to clean the ambient air by 99.95%.

According to the test results carried out in the TÜRKAK approved Bıçakçılar Laboratory, after Airbo2x worked, an average of 80.71% reduction in the number of particles in the environment, an average of 41.33% in the number of microorganisms on the surface and an average of 66.01% in the number of microorganisms in the air.

In addition, Airbo2x also achieved a significant reduction of 59.73% in the dimensions of 0-0.3μm, which is close to the average size of the corona virus (0.125μm).

In conclusion, result of the use of Airbox, the place of the room in the ISO Clean Room Classification has increased by 2 steps to the 6th class. In other words, considering that Airbox carries the cleaning class of the room to the 6th and 7th classes, which should be in the operating rooms, it is seen that it provides a significant amount of sterilization in the room.

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Ozone and anti-odor carbon filter.



BVP 60 Air Purifier

Activated Carbon Filter: 3 - 6 months according to the frequency of use

Hepa13 Filter: 6 - 12 months according to the frequency of use

UV-C Lamp: 8000 hours


Product Features

Dimensions : 108 x 38 x 30 cm

Capacity: 60 m2/h 2,5 mt / 125 m3/h

Area of Air Purifier 1 : 10 m2 / 2 : 20 m2 / 3 : 30 m2 / 4 : 40 m2 Fan Air Flow Rate 1 : 295 m3/h / 2 : 445 m3/h / 3 : 580 m3/h / 4 : 685 m3/h

Air Circulation Rate: saatte 4 kez Hepa13 Filter Flow: 270 m3/h

Sound Level 1 : 35 db / 2 : 40 db / 3 : 45 db / 4 : 50 db

Total Power: 180 W

Fan Power: 120 W

UV-C Lamp: 30 W

Voltage : 220-230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Weight: 29 kg

IP- Protection Type: IP40

Warranty Period: 2 Year


Product Usage:

Open our product carefully, do not operate your device without reading the user manual and warranty conditions.

During the first installation of your device, turn the clean air outlet filter towards the direction where people are concentrated.

In addition, leave the front of the dirty air intake filter open and leave the air in the direction you want the air to be cleaned.

Plug your device into a grounded socket that you are sure is grounded.

After turning on the energy switch of the device, when you see that the energy is on, you can start the air cleaning process by choosing from the speed selection keys.

The capacity of the device is produced as 60 m2 according to the ceiling height of 2.5 m.

Points to be considered in the selection of the stage; It should be chosen according to the size of the environment, the height of the ceiling, the density and circulation of people, the frequency of opening the room door, the pollution rate, and the working environment.

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