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Airbo2x BVP80 Cream Air Purifier

Airbo2x BVP80 Cream Air Purifier

SKU: 8683543346280

With Airbo2x Dental, it filters the aqueous substances and particles in the aerosol filter in the 1st stage by sucking the viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, particles and harmful substances from the patient's mouth during the operation in the dental chairs in the dental clinics, with its strong and silent suction fan, without spreading to the environment. In the 2nd stage, odors such as mold, odor, humidity, smoke are filtered while the polluted air passes through the Activated Carbon Filter. In the 3rd stage, while the air passes through the Hepa13 Filter, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms are filtered by 99.95%, and finally, the clean air free from all harmful substances is exposed to UV lights for a sufficient time, and the DNAs of small-sized harmful substances that pass through the filtration stage are destructed here.


Clean air, free of all harmful substances, is given to the indoor* environment or to the outside with the help of a pipe / hose to be attached to the outlet.



BVP 80 Air Purifier

Aerosol Filter: 3-6 months according to frequency of use

Activated Carbon Filter: 3 - 6 months according to the frequency of use

Hepa13 Filter: 6 - 12 months according to the frequency of use UV-C Lamp: 8000 hours


Product Features

Dimensions: 78 x 37 x 36 cm

Vacuum: 30 KPA

Fan Air Flow Rate: 1200 m3/h

Sound Level: 50 db

Total Power: 180 W

UV-C Lamp: 8 W

Voltage: 220-230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Weight: 24 kg

IP- Protection Type: IP40

Warranty Period: 2 Yıl


Product Usage:

Open our product carefully, do not operate your device without reading the user manual and warranty conditions. Plug your device into a grounded socket that you are sure is grounded. After turning on the energy switch of the device, when you see that the energy is on, you can start the air cleaning process by choosing from the speed selection keys.


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