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Heatbox Mini 12V 100W Cream Fan Heater

Heatbox Mini 12V 100W Cream Fan Heater

SKU: 8683543346006

Our 12V and 24V Battery powered Fan Heaters provide long years of service with Clean Energy. Thanks to renewable energy sources, there are no operating costs.

It is produced for mobile vehicles and can be used anywhere with battery power.


Product Features

Dimensions : 11 x 16 x 18 cm

Power: 12V / 100 W

Current: 8A

Heat Capacity: 4 m3/h

sound level: 25 Db

Thermostat: 0-70 C

Weight: 2,8 kg

Fan motor power: 13 W

Cable feeder type: Plug-in terminal

Wall mount or Free standing use

IP- Protection Type: IP20

Warranty Period: 2 Year


Area of Usage

Boats, Caravans, Tower, Cranes, Automobiles, Minibuses, Buses, Trucks,

In all areas with wind and solar panels powered by batteries where there is no electricity


Advantages of the product

It can be wall mounted and used on the ground.

It can be easily removed and installed thanks to the wall mounting bracket.

Thanks to its plug-in feed, it can be easily removed from the wall and used anywhere.

Thanks to the thermostat sensitive to ambient air temperature, it provides heat control and energy saving.

100% domestic production R & D, design, patent PINOPANO,

Highly efficient heat energy thanks to the special fan and heater,

Continuous operation of the fan in case of overheating and when the heater is turned off

Superior performance for indoor heating,

Decorative visual and silent,

Easy wall mounting and free standing use,

Clean and odorless heat


Product Usage

Take the device out of the box carefully,

For use on the wall, mount the wall mount on the wall with the provided screw.

Before using the wall-mounted device in another place, remove the power supply socket, after moving it to another place, plug it in again and start it.

Make sure that the air inlet and outlet louvers of the device are not blocked,

Do not insert pointed metal into the blinds blowing hot air,

Not suitable for use by children aged 0-10,

Be sure to operate with 12V or 24V voltage written on the product label.

Do not sit on the product. Do not place or drop heavy loads or items.

In order for the fan motor to continue its working principles; Avoid front and rear impacts and avoid contact with the fan,

Wipe only with a damp cloth. Avoid chemical cleaning products and hard surface cleaning cloths,


Usage Information

Thanks to its special design, it can be stored on the floor, on the cabinets, on the sides, at any point where they can fit, as portable, ergonomic, space-saving, wall hung and easy to remove.

It provides economical heating with 12V or 24V battery energy in closed areas in vehicles such as Yachts, Boats, Caravans, Automobiles, Buses, Minibuses, Trucks, Tower Cranes, and produces high performance heat in insulated environments. It does not emit odors like oil heaters.

Since it heats quickly, it provides maximum heat performance with minimum energy by making a thermostat.

12V and 24V fan heaters control the ambient temperature with its sensitive thermostat, turn off the heaters when it reaches the desired temperature, and continue to operate until the fan heaters cool down.

Our Heatbox Mini heaters have a very economical investment cost compared to equivalent heaters such as Webasto, Eberspächer, Truma, Car Heater, Autoterm Air, and the operating cost is almost non-existent.

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